2Inspire Series – Interview with Matt Bilotti, Product Lead at Drift

Welcome returned to our 2Inspire drift watch   Interview Series, presenting entrepreneurs, managers, specialists, and creatives equipped to percentage their first-hand revel in, guidelines and advice on the way to make it in nowadays’s dynamic enterprise panorama. In our previous episode, Matthew Howells-Barby of HubSpot shared useful hints on how you may raise SaaS acquisition, engagement and retention. So in case you haven’t yet, make sure to also watch the overall interview with him.


In this episode, we have been extremely joyful to have Matt Bilotti join us for a talk. Matt is currently Product Lead at Drift, the respectable revenue acceleration platform that coined the time period “conversational advertising.” He joined the company as worker no. 6 and contributed to its boom from $zero in sales to hero in the industry. He clearly has some exciting insights to share, so live tuned for this. Matt also hosts Drift’s Growth Podcast, which objectives to uncover everything boom-related (spoiler alert – he’ll uncover a number of this in our interview as nicely 😊). Although Matt’s professional background varied throughout more than one departments, he admits that his “center footing” remains in product-primarily based roles.


As predicted, we’ll talk plenty about Product on this interview – Matt will percentage what it takes to broaden a career in Product after which will deep dive into beneficial strategies and approaches you may apply to improve your product approach. He’ll explain from his enjoy how to construct a hit viral loops, the way to leverage conversational marketing and make the maximum out of freemium services. He’ll additionally cowl some neglected boom techniques, in addition to B2B and B2C differences. To find out about these kinds of and much greater, make sure to watch the total interview!


Check out the full interview below:

Interview Excerpts
Q1: Why product control out of all of the other features? (00:15)

I form of fell face-first into Product Management. I wanted to paintings with a chum of mine who reached out and said “Hey, we need a Product Manager and I think you’d be in reality appropriate at it. Do you need to do it?” And I agreed because I wanted to paintings with him. Then I without delay Googled what a product manager became. And I’ve sort of stuck around with it because I think it offers tremendous publicity to all of the one-of-a-kind elements of a enterprise – to mastering all of the exclusive functions, to mastering what a excellent company looks like and trying to assist build that up as a nucleus of a lot of stakeholders.


Q2: What is the maximum fun part of your process, and what’s the maximum difficult? (00:fifty seven)

The most enjoyable is seeing something that you’ve built, provide a absolutely extraordinary client final results or enjoy. So, I work at a corporation known as Drift and we build a sales acceleration platform that has chatbots and live chat. And sometimes I’ll simply be surfing the Internet and I will encounter it on a internet site of some thing that I became searching at. It’s so cool to peer that aspect that we constructed on these pages.

And I might say the maximum hard part is, possibly in each product management position, the technique of finding product-marketplace in shape. It’s without a doubt an exhaustive journey, and in those early days, it’s far absolutely, genuinely tough to get it right. But it ends in a really exceptional reward whilst you begin to see your customers adopt the product increasingly more and greater.


Q3: How are product advertising, growth advertising, and boom hacking one of a kind and in which do they join? (01:forty eight)

You recognise, anyone can be a product supervisor, however which means wildly various things in exceptional places. I suppose it’s typically the identical issue for growth and the time period that growth is carried out to – so, like you have been pronouncing, boom advertising and marketing, increase hacking, product-led increase. I think of boom, commonly, as a group or a person, generally with a technical factor, this is implemented to a enterprise lever. So, it’s something like activation, retention or a comparable outcome versus a part of the product or a advertising channel. So I kind of consider it as a bit little bit of a seize-all. You have to recognize what’s taking place at that organization and what that character is proudly owning.


Q4: How did you enforce the product-led method in Drift’s exponential boom? (02:forty three)

Drift has long past via all styles of phases over time. We began from the unfastened imparting kind after which built the product out from there. We’ve constructed up this natural development where people came in, they were signing up for the free product, after which they might use it. Then we would either locate ways to get them to shop for via product modifications or thru a sales organisation that we had.

I suppose that we’ve built ourselves on pinnacle of an high-quality marketing engine in those early days and a lot of the product performed catch-as much as it due to the fact Marketing can iterate plenty faster than Product can. And so we form of had a few product-led increase functions integrated alongside the manner.


Q5: Can you share more about viral loops and the way to effectively construct them? (03:34)

I assume the maximum successful viral loops come when the product has an inherent viral lever in it. Let’s take a short instance – you could’t use Zoom until another man or woman is using it. The price you’re getting is that every other individual additionally has it and also you connect with them.

I assume Drift has a distinctive type of virality wherein people installation the Drift chat widget on their internet site. So we wind up on most of these web sites across the web and we will put our personal branding on them, which powers a viral funnel for us.


Q6: How does conversational advertising and marketing exchange the manner online businesses interact with shoppers? (04:20)

Conversational marketing has shifted this mind-set in which advertising is all about the numbers, funnels and people aren’t sincerely treated like human beings. Sales and Marketing was once sincerely communication-pushed before websites became extra like a statistical funnel. So we think conversational marketing has shifted it returned toward the purpose of having conversations with these humans that come to your internet site, locating out what they’re seeking out, finding out wherein you could help them and then constructing a relationship from there.


Q7: What is your best retention strategy? (04:fifty eight)

From what I’ve visible, I assume the great retention approach is a truely suitable acquisition method in which you get any individual fee quickly, and a whole lot of value again, due to the fact if any individual gets price quick and they get the cost again, then they may be more likely to mention, “I recognize this, I see why I’m getting price, I want to maintain getting price.”

Getting the purchase-in on the government stage is crucial for us a good way to preserve them through the years. That’s because the executives will be looking at it [the product] saying, “We know why we’re bought into this, we recognize why we want to be making an investment on this, we understand the outcome that we want, let’s continue to construct that out and get it.”


Q8: What do you notice as the distinction among B2B and B2C client journeys in SaaS? (05:forty three)

I suppose all of it comes all the way down to the customer cycles, authority and autonomy.

I think in B2C, the man or woman signing up or the use of it has all the authority and autonomy to make your mind up. It’s just a selection which you in my opinion could make.

In B2B, it gets a little bit extra complicated, due to the fact normally, you’re you make a decision to apply a bit of software program, not only for yourself, but for different human beings for your crew or at your company. So, there’s a miles longer cycle to get to a decision and it’s a great deal more taken into consideration.


Q9: How can SaaS companies make the maximum of their freemium offerings? (06:31)

I assume the most critical factor is knowing the loose-to-paid conversion percent, so the wide variety of humans that are signing up for free and how many of them are paying. I suppose you need to study benchmarks to peer where are you. Are you getting 20% of loose humans signing up and paying – that’s pretty great. Are you getting .02% – that’s form of rough, right, and you need to reconsider if that model is without a doubt going to paintings. So I assume the free-to-paid conversion is the maximum vital element to test.


Q10: What might you say is a growth channel that online agencies frequently forget? (07:08)

I assume loads of online agencies consciousness on the classics, that are inbound, content, income and outbound movement, like bloodless emails and more.

We’re considering that there are many, many other channels to actually double down on. One that I found out about was all approximately podcast advertising. Companies like Zenefits had been virtually a success in podcast marketing.

I suppose some other groups are genuinely a hit with communities. Building a community around your emblem and your enterprise is frequently disregarded. So not just about content that people might locate due to search engine optimization however content that humans can engage with and say, “I consider this, I see that there are all these other like-minded humans that also consider this, permit’s have discussions approximately it.” I assume that may be a really important lever that’s frequently difficult to degree, but it can have tremendous lengthy-term blessings.


Q11: How do you make sure synergy between self-provider and sales-assisted channels, so customers can experience a seamless revel in if they need to exchange? (08:14)

It’s all about locating the suitable moment in which a user is hitting a tipping factor. That’s whilst bringing a human in out of your side is the nice element for them, as it makes it a continuing enjoy to move from free to paid via a income-assisted channel.

I think that it’s miles searching at the records to recognize things like where are human beings coming from once they do buy, in which do they spend a number of time, how does the glide appear like? Or where are humans coming from once they genuinely fall off? That’s where you need to carry a human into the

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